The concept of borrowing videos to take home to watch and returning them later isn’t exactly new, but what about video games? It turns out that GameStop has plans to introduce a similar rental service for video game as the company has announced “PowerPass”, a service that is expected to be officially launched on the 19th of November.

This is according to an exclusive report from GameRant in which their source at the retailer confirmed their plans. Prior to this, GameStop’s PowerPass program was leaked in an ad but we guess with this confirmation, we know that it is real. How it works is pretty straightforward: gamers pay $60 for a 6-month membership where during that 6-month period, they will be able to swap used games as many times as they want. At the end of their membership, members will be able to choose a game to keep.

However there is a catch to this program and that is in order to participate, customers of GameStop need to be PowerUp Rewards members. The PowerUp Rewards membership has several tiers, some of which do carry an annual fee, but either way it’s something to take note of if you do plan on taking advantage of the PowerPass program.

That being said, it does sound like a pretty good idea. After all some games sound good in theory but don’t necessarily play well, which means that gamers can potentially save themselves a lot of money in the process by trying games that they might not necessarily plan on replaying or keeping.

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