The Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness tracking wearable device that Samsung launched recently comes with support for iOS devices out of the box. However, this feature is of now use right now as it’s impossible to pair the Gear Fit 2 Pro with an iPhone. That’s because Apple is yet to approve the app that’s going to let users to pair the two devices.


Many iOS users who purchased the Gear Fit 2 Pro thinking that it would work with their iPhones out of the box have now been left disappointed. The app that’s support to enable the two devices to pair with each other still hasn’t been approved for listing on the App Store.

Many of those customers have taken to various online forums to complain about this. They’re obviously not happy with how this has played out. It’s unclear as to why the app that Samsung submitted hasn’t been approved as yet.

Apple has strict quality policies for apps to follow if they want to be listed on the App Store. Perhaps there were some issues with the app that have prevented Apple from approving it for listing in the App Store. Or it could just be taking its sweet time in approving an app submitted by Samsung.

Nothing is known for sure right now and Apple hasn’t given an indication of when this app is going to be available for download.

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