One of the weird quirks about the Google Home device is that when you try and connect it to your Home app on Android, you couldn’t assign them to rooms. You could assign other devices to individual rooms, like the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and etc., and control them using Google Home, but the Google Home device itself could not be assigned.


We’re not sure if that was an oversight or a bug, but the good news is that according to Android Police, an update to the app has changed that because now users can assign Google Home devices to specific rooms. This means that if you have a Google Home device in your living room and you want to stop playing music and turn off the lights at the same time, you could just say, “turn off living room” and it will turn off all devices connected and assigned to the living room.

It’s not exactly a groundbreaking or game-changing feature, but it is one that we’re sure Google Home owners would be happy to have since it does add a certain level of convenience as it skips an extra step. The update to the app should already be live so if you are using Google Home and a bunch of various connected devices, then perhaps this update could be worth checking out via the Google Play Store.

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