Google’s lineup of Google Home devices doesn’t include a model with a display but that might change in the future. According to a new report, Google might possibly be developing a Google Home device with a display. It certainly won’t be the first device of its kind to feature a display. Amazon already has a product like this on the market called the Amazon Echo Show.

According to the report, the Google Home with display is codenamed Quartz and references to it have been spotted in the latest version of the Google app. The references also mentioned YouTube as well as the words video and browser. This suggests that the device will enable users to watch videos on YouTube, browse the web, get Google Maps directions, and more.

As previously mentioned, the Amazon Echo Show is a similar device that’s already on the market. It does merit mentioning here that Google pulled YouTube support from the Echo Show last month after Amazon didn’t allow autoplay as an option. Moreover, Echo Show users were also not allowed to subscribe to YouTube channels.

The Google Home smart speaker is already capable of doing a lot of things in response to voice commands from users. Having an integrated display would allow the device to offer enhanced functionality.

It’s unclear at this point in time if and when Google is planning on launching this smart device.

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