One of the features that Apple launched with the iPhone 6s is the ability to take “Live Photos”, which are basically photos that are also videos at the same time. The idea is that Live Photos gives users more context to their snaps, like what happened before and after a photo was taken, although admittedly it does seem more like a novelty than anything.

However it seems that Google could be interested in “borrowing” the idea because according to a report from the folks at XDA, Google might be working on a similar feature for the upcoming Pixel 2 handsets called “Motion Photo”. While Motion Photo could be just about anything, its description is pretty clear as to what it does.

According to the description, it has described Motion Photo as, “When motion is on, each photo you take could include a short video before and after the shot. The video may be included when you share the photo.” If that doesn’t sound like Live Photos then we don’t know what does. That being said, companies copying hardware and software features from one another isn’t exactly new.

We have seen how Android and Android devices have borrowed certain features of iOS, and at the same time we’ve seen how iOS has borrowed certain Android features, and so on. Either way we should have the official details regarding the new Pixel 2 handsets on the 4th of October, which last we heard could see a staggered release.

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