We know that on the 4th of October, Google will be unveiling their new phones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. However it seems that there was a recent rumor to suggest that a third Pixel handset could be announced called the Ultra Pixel. Given that we have heard rumors in the past to suggest that Google had 3 Pixel phones in the works, it seemed like it made sense.


However as it turns out the Ultra Pixel has since been confirmed to be nothing more than a hoax, or rather it was a rather elaborate setup by YouTuber Breccia to try and get Google to pay attention to his work in order to get hired. This involved creating material that made it seem like it was a leak, and as legit as it looked, the folks at Android Police had their suspicions which ultimately were proven to be well-founded.

You can check out the video above in which Breccia comes forward and admits that the entire thing was a hoax and a message to Google. This is of course not the first time we’re seeing such creative methods of trying to get noticed by a company to get hired, although in this case we’re not sure if Google might have appreciated having to deal with the unwanted attention of people asking if an “Ultra Pixel” handset was the real deal.

In any case the details surrounding the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be revealed on the 4th of October along with a bunch of other Google products, so check back with us then for the official information.

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