We’re sure that following the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets from last year that not only is Samsung worried about a repeat performance this year, but so are many other handset manufacturers who probably want to avoid the bad publicity that comes with it. Unfortunately for Apple it looks like it might have begun.

So far it seems that there have been two reports that the newly launched iPhone 8 Plus could be facing some battery issues. One case comes from Taiwan in which due to battery failure, it caused the lithium-ion battery in the iPhone to swell and break open the chassis of the handset. The second case, also similar in nature, came from Japan.

Now before you guys start to panic, note that these are the only two reported cases so far, which means that they could simply be an anomaly as opposed to it being a serious manufacturing issue. With Apple manufacturing millions of iPhones, there are bound to be a few hardware defects, and thankfully none of these phones have exploded.

Apple has acknowledged the reports and in a statement made to MacRumors, an Apple spokeswoman said that the company is looking into it. So far there haven’t been any other reports that we know of so it looks like for now, these are just anomalies and hopefully it will stay that way.

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