Super Mario Odyssey is the next Mario installment that Nintendo will be releasing in the near future. However if you’re looking to relive a classic, then you might be interested to learn that arcade classic Mario Bros. has arrived for the Nintendo Switch via the platform’s eShop where it will cost gamers $8 to purchase it.


In case you’re unfamiliar, Mario Bros. is an arcade version of Mario where it will support up to two players at once. It will be played on a single screen where players have to guide their characters through the different levels and defeat enemies along the way. It will be different from Super Mario where you can jump on enemies to defeat them, and instead gamers will have to punch the floor to turn them over and kick them away to defeat them.

The game is a classic and if you grew up in that era chances are you might have played it before. Mario Bros. is one of the many classic titles that we can expect to arrive for the Switch, which also includes Super Mario Bros., Vs. Balloon Fight, and more, although the release dates for those games and pricing is still unclear.

In any case this particular title is already live so if you own the Switch, then head on over to the Nintendo eShop to get your hands on it.

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