An executive for Microsoft recently reiterated that Windows 10 Mobile hardware is no longer an area of focus for the company. It’s not like this was a secret to begin with. The company hasn’t launched any new Windows 10 Mobile hardware for a long time now and neither have any of its OEM partners. However, this led to some predictions that Microsoft’s Surface hardware lineup could eventually meet the same fate. Microsoft’s thoughts on this prediction are that it’s just “tabloid rumor.”


The prediction claimed that Microsoft would abandon its Surface hardware business as soon as 2019. It was backed by claims that the Surface business isn’t profitable for Microsoft so the company will eventually look to make an exit when its Surface division is unable to turn a profit.

Microsoft’s Surface boss Panos Panay has addressed the predictions. Setting the record straight, he has essentially said that Microsoft’s isn’t going to ditch its Surface hardware business anytime soon.

“Microsoft isn’t running for the exits,” Panay told Business Insider, adding that the company is in this for the long haul and that Surface isn’t going anywhere. He referred to the prediction as the “tabloid rumor of the week.”

Panay also pointed out that for Microsoft, the Surface business is worth more than just selling hardware. It has often been witnessed how improvements that Microsoft has made to Surface devices have led to similar improvements across the entire PC market. So it clearly has a long-term view on this and isn’t going to be bogged down by short-term setbacks.

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