It definitely seems like Nintendo might have redeemed themselves with the Nintendo Switch compared to the Wii U. We have heard reports that the company has managed to sell 5 million units to date, a pretty impressive figure considering that it has only been on the market for less than a year.

In fact it seems that the company expects that the Switch will continue to do well because in a report from DigiTimes (via Nintendo Life), Nintendo has increased the production of the Switch to 2 million units a month. Earlier the company had estimated that they would be able to ship 10 million units in this financial year, but apparently by increasing production they are hoping to hit 20 million units instead.

Of course we should remind you guys that shipping numbers does not equal to units sold, and that these are units that Nintendo will be shipping to retailers. However we also expect that Nintendo has probably predicted how many units they will eventually sell, so they are only producing as much as is demanded.

Either way it remains to see if the company will be able to hit that 20 million mark, and while the Switch isn’t exactly selling as many units as the PS4 or the Xbox One, it is certainly a redemption for the company overall. With more first party titles coming to the Switch, we can only imagine that those sales figures will increase as well.

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