There is a common perception that Mac computers weren’t designed to play games. While Mac computers do come with some pretty good hardware, let’s face it, it clearly was not designed for the hardcore gamer in mind. Sure, the higher-end iMacs and MacBook Pros can run games decently, but its specs differ very greatly from a PC designed for gaming.

However the good news is that soon that might no longer be an issue as long as you have an internet connection. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now has been launched in beta for Mac users which means that if you own a Mac and would like to game on it, you’ll be able to. For those unfamiliar, GeForce Now is NVIDIA’s gaming service that pretty much does all the heavy lifting in processing in the cloud, and then sends the data back to the user’s computer.

In turn this allows gamers on older or less powerful computers to enjoy various games without having to worry too much about hardware specs. Also since this is virtual, Mac users will be able to play PC-only games without the need to install Bootcamp or similar applications. GeForce Now isn’t a new service per se as it was previously launched for NVIDIA’s SHIELD devices.

However earlier this year the service was announced for the PC and Mac. Note that right now GeForce Now beta is only available for Mac computers but it is expected to eventually find its way onto the PC. For more details and to sign up, head on over to NVIDIA’s website.

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