NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang today announced a powerful new computer that’s meant for autonomous or self-driving cars. According to the company, the DRIVE PX Pegasus AI computer will enable level 5 autonomy. What that means is that the cars powered by this will be fully autonomous, requiring no pedals and steering wheels. They will not require anyone to take control.

We’re still a few years away from level 5 autonomy and even if the technology reaches there faster, there are legal and regulatory hurdles that have to be crossed before fully autonomous cars are allowed on the roads.

NVIDIA says its new computer is great for robotaxis, which are taxis that don’t require any human intervention. Such vehicles will have extraordinary computing requirements all of which has to be done with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure the highest level of safety.

The company’s DRIVE PX Pegasus AI computer is roughly the size of a license plate and it’s capable of replacing the entire truck full of computing equipment that’s used in existing level 5 autonomous cars. It delivers 320 trillion operations per second of computing power. It’s claimed to have the AI performance of a 100-server data center.

NVIDIA has revealed that more than 25 of its partners are working on fully autonomous taxis so they will certainly check out the company’s latest computer. NVIDIA is going to offer it to partners in the second half of next year with its next-generation GPUs that actually haven’t been announced so far.

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