According to previous rumors, it was suggested that OnePlus could be skipping the OnePlus 5T in favor of launching the OnePlus 6 earlier next year. However it seems that the rumors could be false as we seem to be getting a ton of leaked information in recent times, although the closest thing we’ve got to a confirmation would be a recent tweet by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei.


According to Pei’s tweet, he has uploaded a photo taken by a camera along with a caption that reads, “Cool photo, must have come from a great camera 😉” Presumably he wasn’t talking about a competitor’s phone, which has led some (us included) to speculate that Pei could be teasing the upcoming launch of the OnePlus 5T, or whatever the company plans on calling it.

While for all we know OnePlus could still be planning on launching the OnePlus 6 next year, we doubt that Pei would tease information about the handset this early one. Plus we’re still a couple of months away from 2018 and that would be a rather long tease if anything. That being said it’s hard to tell just from a photo alone, but hopefully we’ll have more information soon.

So far the most recent rumor regarding the OnePlus 5T is that it will feature 20MP dual rear-facing cameras. This seems to be a trend these days amongst smartphone makers to include dual cameras on their phones, whether or not this proves to be true remains to be seen.

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