The Nintendo Switch is the company’s attempt at a comeback to try and redeem themselves with their fans and gamers following the Wii U, which many had considered to be a flop. However it seems that despite the Switch’s innovativeness and the bunch of new games launched for the console, gamers appear to be more interested in the SNES Classic.

The console has recently gone on sale but according to the numbers provided by Famitsu (via MCV UK), the SNES Classic has managed do better in terms of sales in its first week compared to the Nintendo Switch. Assuming the numbers are accurate, the SNES Classic managed to sell 368,913 units in its opening week in Japan. This is versus the Switch which managed 330,637 units in its first week.

However we should point out the glaring differences in both consoles, where the SNES Classic is priced at a fraction of the Switch, meaning that it makes it more accessible to the more casual gamer. However we suppose it’s also an indication that Nintendo is doing something right. So far the SNES Classic hasn’t been as difficult to get compared to the NES Classic in 2016.

Nintendo did previously promise that there would be more supply, with production expected to carry on into 2018.

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