[CEATEC 2017] Being able to control robots remotely has always been possible, like we’ve seen with drones, bomb disposal robots, and so on. However recently researchers have actually explored the idea of potentially using virtual reality (VR) to control robots, which is what we saw researchers at MIT CSAIL do not too long ago.

However it seems that they’re not the only ones looking into the potential as at CEATEC 2017 this year, a company by the name of Telexistence took the wraps off the Telesar V robot which is a robot that can be controlled using a VR setup, such as with a VR headset and a pair of controllers. However unlike MIT’s version which offers users virtual controls like virtual knobs/dials, the Telesar V is controlled using the person’s motion.

So when the person moves his or her hand, the robot will move its hand as it. The same can also be done with body movements, and thanks to the headset and cameras built into the robot’s eyes, they will be able to see what the robot sees. This could help improve jobs like in warehouses where you could use a robot to pick up heavy objects.

It might take some time for such technology to become more mainstream and used commercially, but hey if you ever wanted a future where you could power your own mobile Gundam suit virtually, this seems like a step towards that direction.

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