Twitter has confirmed that it’s soon going to launch a new way to save tweets that you want to read later. The Twitter bookmarking feature has actually been a top request from the community. Twitter has now confirmed that it’s planning to launch a bookmarking feature which will enable users to save tweets that they want to check out later.


This is going to provide an important distinction for users who tend to favorite a lot of tweets by clicking on the heart button. This interaction basically indicates that they liked the tweet so the bookmarking feature will be good for simply saving tweets for later reading without having to give the impression of liking that particular tweet.

Twitter’s product head Keith Colemen confirmed via Twitter, for obvious reasons, that this particular feature has been a top request from users and that the feature is in the process of being developed. Twitter is looking to the community for guidance on the design before it finalizes the bookmarking feature.

A recent prototype shows that the feature is listed under the More menu, denoted by three dots, but this is likely going to be changed before the feature is released for all users. Twitter is yet to confirm precisely when it’s going to release this new feature.

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