Microsoft released a new firmware update for the Xbox One to members of the Insiders program. The update adds the ability to save home console settings to the cloud, allowing users to quickly configure a new console. The beta firmware also flips the switch on Xbox game gifting, albeit only for Insiders. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has now revealed more information about how game gifting is going to work on the Xbox.


Ybarra revealed that if you gift a game to someone who doesn’t check their messages often, there’s no reason to worry. Gifted tokens won’t expire so it doesn’t matter how long they take to check their messages and utilize the code, it will remain in their inbox and will be ready for redemption whenever they’re ready.

In the case that you gift a game to someone and they already happen to own that title, you will be able to re-gift the title to someone else. Microsoft will also let you ask for a refund, which the company will happily issue if you find yourself in this situation.

The Xbox game gifting feature is only limited to Insiders program members of the alpha circle. It’s likely going to be expanded to members of other circles over the coming days. Microsoft is yet to confirm when Xbox game gifting will be rolled out to all users.

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