Most of us enjoyed Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies when they were released back in the day. Sure, it was a more condensed version compared to the book and obviously missed out on a lot of the finer details, but for the most part Jackson did a terrific job in bringing the Lord of the Rings world to life.

Now if you were hankering for more Lord of the Rings content, you’ll be pleased to learn that the rumors of a TV series have since been confirmed. In an announcement by Amazon, the company has confirmed that they are developing a Lord of the Rings TV series. This won’t be a TV series version of the story, but rather it will explore storylines that precede The Fellowship of the Ring.

For those who are fans of J.R.R. Tolkien are probably aware of the fact that The Hobbit was in a way the prequel to Lord of the Rings, so presumably Amazon’s series will kind of explore the in-between of both stories. As expected the series will be launched on Amazon Prime Video which means a subscription is required, although we have heard rumors that an ad-supported version could be in the works.

There is no date on when this series will be launched or who will be starring in it, but we expect more details will be shared at a later date.

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