Amazon’s Alexa at launch felt like the company was trying to create a digital assistant to compete with the likes of Google Assistant and Siri, but it has since evolved to be much more than that. This is made pretty clear where back in September, the company announced the Echo Button accessory.


For those unfamiliar, the Echo Button was launched a couple of months ago and was created as an accessory to help facilitate Alexa-powered games, such as Beat the Intro, Fourth Down Football Trivia, and so on. It functions pretty much like what you see on game shows, where when a question is asked by the Echo, those who know the answer can press the Echo Button to “buzz in”.

In fact the folks at Hasbro announced back then that they were working on a version of Trivial Pursuit that would work with the Echo Button. The accessory is currently available for pre-order where it is priced at $20 for a pack of two. At the moment it doesn’t seem like there is a huge list of games that will work with it, but presumably more will be developed over time.

Like we said, it is clear that Amazon wants its Echo devices and Alexa to be more than what they are. Last month the company announced that they would be launching premium Alexa skills that users could access via a paid subscription.

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