Tidal Music Now Available On Amazon’s Echo

Chances are when someone buys an Amazon Echo speaker, they are most likely buying it for Alexa and the various skills and connectivity options the digital assistant offers. However if you’d like to use your Echo speakers for more than just a medium between you and Alexa, you might be interested to learn that Tidal has launched for the Echo speakers.

Amazon Echo Buttons Can Now Perform Entire Routines

Late last year Amazon launched the Echo Button. This is a button that would work with Alexa-based games, where users could use it as a trigger to respond to games. It seemed very much like a novelty and didn’t really have much use beyond gaming, but now it looks like Amazon has decided to make it a bit more powerful.

Judge Orders Amazon To Hand Over Echo Data In Homicide Case

While smart devices like the Amazon Echo are great for controlling your smart home objects, finding information online using your voice, and so on, there are some who might also be concerned regarding their privacy, where such smart speakers are typically always-listening which has led some to be worried about having their conversations recorded.

Amazon Bundles Echo Dot With Every Purchase Of An Xbox One

Last month Microsoft announced that Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant would be arriving for the Xbox One. Now it looks like both Microsoft and Amazon are further cementing their partnership as Amazon appears to now be bundling a free Echo Dot device with every purchase of the Xbox One console (including the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X).


Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Pull Up Recorded Security Camera Footage

Amazon’s Echo Spot and Echo Show come with displays which makes it a useful device for watching videos. In fact both the Echo Spot and Echo Show are ideal devices if you have home security cameras as they can be used to watch live streams, but what about when you want to watch videos that have already been recorded?

Researchers Discover Flaw That Could Allow Hackers To Hack Amazon’s Echo

Smart speakers are great tools that allow users to control their smart homes using nothing but their voice. However for those who are more privacy-minded, smart speakers also represent an instance in which it could potentially be used as a tool to spy on you by malicious hackers. Unfortunately that’s what researchers discovered with Amazon’s Echo.

Alexa Can Now Be Used To Control Equalizer And Sound Settings

Alexa can be used to control all kinds of things around the house as long as they are connected to it and part of the network. This includes lighting, thermostats, locks, and more, but now it looks like Amazon has given Alexa a new set of skills which comes in the form of being able to control equalizer and sound settings on your speakers.

Amazon Echo Reportedly Tells Its Owner, ‘All I See Is People Dying’

The problem with speakers that are always listening is that you sometimes can’t be sure what could trigger it, which in some instances has resulted in some pretty creepy situations. Unfortunately it seems that these are instances that people might need to get used to, according to a report from Metro.

Amazon Echo Look Now Available To All US Customers

Last year Amazon announced the Echo Look. This is a camera that can analyze your outfit, rating your daily look, and offer advice from fashion specialists, thanks to the use of algorithms and machine learning. However the Echo Look was limited to those who were invited by Amazon to test it out, at least until now.

Google Overtakes Amazon In Smart Speaker Shipments In Q1 2018

It goes without saying that with Amazon getting a head start in the smart speaker race that it’s not surprising that they have a very sizable market share. However it seems that Google could be catching up, at least according to recent data from Canalys in which apparently Google overtook Amazon in smart speaker shipments for Q1 2018.

Woman Claims Amazon Echo Recorded Her Conversation & Sent It To A Contact

Smart speakers typically feature an always-on functionality which means that the speakers are always listening out for its trigger word, whether it be “Alexa”, “Hey Siri”, or “Hey Google”. Unsurprisingly there might be some users who are worried that these speakers could be recording their conversations, despite the fact that these companies claim that they don’t.

Congress Wants To Know How Amazon Is Protecting The Privacy Of Kids Using The Echo Dot

Not too long ago, Amazon unveiled the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Function wise this is more or less the same as the regular Echo Dot, except that it comes with a bunch of features aimed at kids, but at the end of the day it is still a smart speaker. Unsurprisingly this has raised many questions about the privacy of kids, which is a question that Congress wants to know.

Amazon Update Gives Its Echo Devices Intercom-Like Functionality

Unlike other smart speakers like the Google Home Max or the Apple HomePod, Amazon has a wide variety of smaller and more affordable smart speakers for users who are more interested in using them for their smarts rather than music playback capabilities. This is evidenced in last year’s numbers where the Echo Dot was Amazon’s best-selling product during the holidays.

HomePod Day One Pre-Orders Beat Out Most Of The Competition

The HomePod is Apple’s foray into the smart speaker market, and from what we can tell, it seems that it is doing pretty well. According to a report from NPD, based on their findings it seems that day one pre-orders for the HomePod in the US have managed to beat out most of the competition.