Apple gained an enviable position in the music streaming market relatively quickly and if a new prediction is to be believed, it’s not content with just having a presence in the music streaming market. Apple is actually expected to launch a proper Netflix rival in two to three years which will offer subscribers original content for a monthly fee.

That’s what Loup Ventures will have you believe, even though Apple hasn’t said anything at all about launching its own video streaming service.

However, Apple has been investing significant amounts of money into original video content. It’s actually predicted to increase its original video content budget by an average of 54 percent every year through 2022..

That amount of money that it’s going to be spending isn’t as much compared to what Netflix and Amazon are spending on original content but the average growth in the spend is far greater than both.

The prediction also suggests that Apple won’t bog itself down with catalog licensing, meaning that its service probably won’t be hosting content from conventional networks and studios. The service will more or less offer its own original content exclusively and charge subscribers a monthly fee to access all of it.

Whether or not Apple ends up doing this remains to be seen. With services like Netflix heavily investing in original content to reduce their reliance on licensed content, it seems plausible for Apple to build out a streaming service just for its original content.

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