Facebook regularly keeps making changes to its interface and features. It often tests out these changes quietly so unless they’re spotted by users, sometimes the changes can fly under the radar. The latest change hasn’t, though. Many users have discovered that Facebook no longer allows users to delete their own posts if they’re using the social network’s desktop web version.

It doesn’t make sense for Facebook to prevent users from deleting their own posts if they’re using the service through its desktop web version. That’s because users can easily delete their posts using the mobile apps. It’s not like the world’s largest social network is no longer going to allow users to delete their own posts.

Many users have taken to Twitter to complain that they can no longer find an option to delete their own posts. There’s a “hide from timeline” option which will hide that particular post from the user’s timeline, but it won’t let them delete the post.

Perhaps this is a bug and not a feature change by Facebook? That’s because the option to delete posts can still be found in the Activity Log. That’s where users can manage and review everything that they’re posted on Facebook.

Whatever the case may be, a response from the world’s largest social network will certainly be appreciated on this. Facebook is yet to comment on the matter.

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