With the Wii U flopping like it did, we suppose you can’t blame investors and the media for being a tad skeptical when the Nintendo Switch was officially announced. It seemed like it had potential, but then again so did the Wii U, but luckily for Nintendo, the Switch went the complete opposite direction of the Wii U.

In fact it seems that TIME has bestowed an honor onto the Switch by calling it the top gadget of 2017. TIME has recently published their top 10 gadgets of 2017 and the Nintendo Switch was on top of that list. The publication does not state why the Switch made it to the number one spot, but we’re sure that Nintendo and their investors have to be pretty chuffed about the accolade.

So far Nintendo has been enjoying a ton of success with the Switch. The company announced that they have managed to sell close to 8 million units worldwide since its release earlier this year, and it is also on track to beat the Wii U’s lifetime sales within a year, which says a lot about the Switch’s demand and also how badly the Wii U performed.

We are also seeing Nintendo enjoy a lot of success with first-party titles, such as Super Mario Odyssey which sold 2 million copies in 3 days. The Switch is also seeing a lot of support from big name publishers and developers, such as Bethesda who have released/will be releasing titles like DOOM, Wolfenstein II, and Skyrim for the platform.

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