Blizzard’s Hearthstone is a game that seems to have struck a balance on all the platforms it is available on. It is perfect as a desktop game, but given the gameplay style, it also makes it a perfect game on the go, which is why Blizzard chose to launch it on mobile phones and tablets, but what about the Nintendo Switch?

According to a recent interview with Trusted Reviews at BlizzCon 2017, Hearthstone’s senior game designer Peter Whalen said that launching it on the Switch was not outside the realm of possibility. He was quoted as saying, “I dunno, I don’t think anyone is working on it, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Moving to tablets and phones was awesome. It made Hearthstone way more accessible for way, way more people, which is fantastic.”

This is in line with an interview from earlier this year in which the game’s other senior designers said that launching the game on the Switch was a possibility and a discussion worth having. Whalen also added, “If there are other consoles or platforms that are good for us then that’s absolutely something we’d explore in time.”

Late last year there was speculation that Hearthstone could arrive for the Switch, but it turned out that it was merely Blizzard trolling us. In the meantime Blizzard hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Overwatch coming to the Switch either, but whether or not it will actually come is a different story.

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