blizzard-hearthstone-teaseAhead of the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Blizzard posted the image above on Twitter along with the caption that reads, “.@NintendoAmerica We see you #mario. #nx” This has led to gamers speculating that Blizzard could be bringing Hearthstone onto the console, but following the reveal of publishers/developers for the console, Blizzard’s name was not on the list.


So what gives? Turns out that Blizzard was just capitalizing on the Nintendo Switch’s teaser which was posted the day before which had Mario peeping out from behind the curtain. Blizzard has since confirmed to the folks at Game Informer that it was meant to be a playful joke and nothing more.

However given the positive reaction from gamers following the post, it might not necessarily be such a bad idea after all. Hearthstone is already playable on tablets and smartphones, and given the Switch’s portability, why not? In any case for now there are obviously no plans to bring Hearthstone to the Switch, but who else wouldn’t mind seeing it anyway? We know we are definitely not opposed to the idea!

In any case for now Nintendo has yet to confirm what games will be available on the console. We’ve seen titles such as Skyrim, Zelda, Mario, and Splatoon, but nothing has been officially set in stone.

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