Console exclusives are what helps draw players to a particular platform. A good example would be Nintendo where if you wanted to play a Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon game, you would definitely need to purchase a Nintendo console. This theory pretty much applies to the other platforms as well, like God of War for Sony’s PlayStation, Halo for the Xbox, and so on.


Now if you were hoping that maybe one day we could see first-party Xbox titles release on other platforms, you will be disappointed to learn that save for Minecraft, that will not be happening, at least not anytime soon (if ever). This is according to a tweet by Xbox chief Phil Spencer (via DualShockers) who confirmed that the company had no such plans at the moment.

Spencer’s tweet is in response to a report from The Wall Street Journal who spoke about Spencer’s recent promotion to executive vice president, and how his new position at Microsoft afforded him greater latitude when it came to reaching gamers “on any device”. This was interpreted to mean that we could see first-party games from Microsoft find its way onto competing platforms like the PS4.

However based on Spencer’s tweet, it seems that is not what he meant, but rather it seems that he was only talking about Minecraft. We suppose technically Minecraft does belong to Microsoft after the company acquired Minecraft’s developer back in 2014, although to be fair Minecraft had already found its way onto various platforms before that.

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