Spire Health Tag Is A Health Tracker That Doesn’t Need Charging

If there is one problem with fitness trackers and smartwatches is that for the most part they are powered by batteries, and this means that after a while they run out and require charging, which sometimes isn’t exactly the most convenient. However a company by Spire might have solved that with the launch of the Health Tag.

This is a health tracker that can stick to your clothes. This means that if you already wear a watch or don’t like to wear a watch, not to worry as this will adhere to your clothing instead. It is also waterproof which means that if you wear it to the gym, sweating is not going to be an issue, and apparently putting it through the laundry is not a problem either.

It has a battery that is good for 1.5 years, so stick it on your gym clothes or favorite clothes and you won’t have to worry about it. We’re not sure how long the adhesive will last, especially if it gets wet, but we have to admit that we are concerned about it potentially falling off while you’re out and about.

As for the tracking features, it will feature pretty standard tracking of your metrics, and will also be able to offer personalized guidance for sleep and daily activity. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, Spire is selling the Health Tag individually at $49 each, or alternatively you could purchase a pack of 8 for $200 or 15 for $300.

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