If farming sims are your kind of game, there’s a very good chance you might have heard of Stardew Valley, a game which many have compared it to the likes of Harvest Moon. Now the game has been in existence for a few years now, and the good news is that if you thought it was getting long in the tooth, new content is being developed.

This was revealed by the game’s developer Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, where in a tweet he wrote, “I’m working on some new Stardew Valley content, to be released with the upcoming free multiplayer update. This will affect single-player, too! I’ll share more when the release gets closer. Though I’ll keep some things secret (more fun)”

Given that Stardew Valley doesn’t really have an end-game and given that players can make new farms and rebuild their farms and basically do anything they want in the game, one could play the game for hours on end and never really run out of things to do, which explains why to date there are still many players playing the game.

However with new single player content in the works, it should help to make things feel fresh again. That being said, multiplayer is also a feature that’s currently in the works where players get to interact with their friends, a feature that is expected to be launched next year.

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