There’s something charming about the graphics, story, and gameplay of Stardew Valley that has fans continuing to play the game years after its release. The fact that its developer, ConcernedApe, has also pumped out big updates over the years has definitely helped with the game’s staying power.

However, if you’re interested in playing Stardew Valley in another medium, you might be interested to learn that the game has since been launched as a board game where you’ll be able to play it with friends and family.

The board game version was developed alongside designer Cole Medeiros and comes with a lot of features of the game that players have come to know and love. Players are expected to work together to bring their farm back to life, and according to its creator, each full year of the game will take about 45 minutes.

The Stardew Valley board game isn’t the first video game to get a board game adaptation. However, whether or not it will be as fun as the video game remains to be seen, but fans who are interested will be able to buy it for themselves via the Stardew Valley website where it is being sold for $55.

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