Bomberman is one of those classic games that despite there being newer and more modern games, has somehow managed to survive and find new fans. In fact the game’s launch of the Nintendo Switch seems to have invigorated the franchise, and the good news for gamers is that Konami has recently released an update for the game that adds a bunch of new content.


As it stands Super Bomberman R is a pretty great game, but Konami has done a good job with the updates by introducing new content, even though they didn’t really have to. With the latest update to the game, Konami has introduced a new “Grand Prix” mode that the company claims will help set the stage for future eSports initiatives.

The update will also bring about a new World 7 story and bosses that players can play against, new maps, the addition of pets, and also nine new characters that players can choose from. This includes Goemon Bomber, Dracula Bomber, Princess Tomato Bomber, Bubble Head Bomber, Option Bomber, Shiori Fujisaki Bomber, Jehuty Bomber, Anubis Bomber, and Reiko Bomber. This is in addition to the other new characters that Konami had introduced prior to this which included Pyramid Head from Silent Hill and Simon Belmont Bomber.

In a post on the Bomberman Facebook page, Konami claims that there will be more free content to come in the future.

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