Tesla had promised to help South Australia with its energy problems and it has followed through on that promise by building the world’s largest battery in under 100 days. The company has built the biggest lithium ion battery in the world in record time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had tweeted at the time the contract was signed that “100 days from contract signature or it’s free.”


The local state government has sent out a press release confirming that the 100MW battery set has been completed. It’s now going to be energised and tested in the coming days.

The world’s largest lithium ion battery will help with South Australia’s crippling energy problems. The region will have backup power in place this summer. The Tesla Powerpacks will be connected to a windfarm.

The state had suffered a complete blackout in September last year which led to a very politicized debate about energy security. The massive power failure was blamed on the inability of renewable energy to meet usage requirements.

The battery from Tesla will now store significant amounts of energy from renewable sources like wind and solar. It will send it out to the grid when usage is high.

In the coming days, the battery will be tested to ensure that it’s optimized and that it meets government requirements.

Tesla and the South Australian government signed the deal at the end of September and that’s when the 100-day countdown began. Tesla has been able to deliver on its promise within two months. The entire project is said to have cost $50 million.

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