We know it can be a bit hard to believe, but if we were to look back say 5 years ago, making a living as a streamer who plays video games while other people watch and pay you money felt almost like a fantasy, but in this day and age it has become somewhat viable (don’t quit your day job just yet).

This is thanks to platforms like Twitch that have helped many achieve this lifestyle, or at least make some money from their hobbies. Now if you are considering making your streaming your job or earn some money, Twitch will now display how close you are to achieving that through the launch of Twitch Achievements.

This was a feature announced back in October but it looks like it is now live. According to Twitch, “Achievements are milestones that encourage creators to learn streaming best practices and interact with their communities. Following these milestones will give creators a clear roadmap to grow toward and apply for Affiliate or Partnership status.”

So if before this you were unsure how close you were to reaching Affiliate or Partner status, the Achievements will help make that clearer. Of course how much you earn will also depend on how many people follow you and tune into your stream, but this should help shed some light on it as well. More details about the Achievements feature can be found on Twitch’s website.

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