WhatsApp enabled users to send voice notes back in 2013. The company hasn’t done much to improve this feature even after it was acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp might finally be making a much-needed improvement to the feature. You know how you’re required to keep pressing down on the button to record the voice note? WhatsApp might soon let you record the voice note without having to hold down the button.


WhatsApp is now testing a different way to record voice notes, one that doesn’t involve having to hold the button down.

Once users start recording a voice note, the app will show a new sliding interface for the microphone button. They’ll see an option to swipe up to lock it in recording mode after about half a second of them pressing the button. This enables them to record the voice note freely without having to keep their finger on the button.

This is going to make it easier to go back in the conversation while recording a voice note, enabling users to find old messages if they need to reference or check something. Above all, it’s just easier for the user.

However, users will not be able to type text messages when the microphone button is in lock mode and they will also not be able to view images or videos. They can’t even leave the chat because if they do, the voice note gets deleted automatically.

WhatsApp is testing this feature currently and it’s unclear when it plans on releasing it to all users.

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