Apple’s iPhones are probably the most expensive smartphones in the market today (not counting the special edition, jewel-encrusted, leather clad options), but it seems that despite the price, the appeal and allure of owning an iPhone is still there, which might explain why the iPhone is apparently selling so well.

According to data from analytics firm Localytics (via Forbes), it seems that Apple is selling over a combined 1 million units of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X on a daily basis. According to the numbers, the iPhone 8 represents about 2.22% of total iPhones in the market and translates to about 17.5 million sold.

The iPhone 8 Plus appears to be the more popular of the two and represents 2.94% of the iPhone market and is about 23.2 million sold. As for the iPhone X and given that it was released later, it is said to account for 2.63% of the market and represents about 20.7 million units sold. Note that these aren’t official figures so do take it with a grain of salt for now.

This seems to be in line with a report from Mixpanel last week which revealed that towards the end of November, the iPhone X managed to catch up with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in terms of adoption, and outpaced them in December.

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