When Apple Music first launched, many were wondering about their existing libraries and how it could be tied into the service. However Apple said that users could upload their own music to the cloud and it would then match it against that of the catalog of Apple Music and be added to their library.

Songs that weren’t available would also be added and streamable from the cloud. This was more or less a basic feature that quite a few music streaming services offered their users, and it was also offered by Amazon Music, but unfortunately it looks like that has come to an end. According to a recent sighting by Slashgear (via TechCrunch), this new documentation was spotted on Amazon’s website.

According to Amazon, the changes have already taken place as of the 18th of December, 2017 where users will no longer be able to upload music via the Amazon Music desktop app. For users who have already uploaded to Amazon Music, those tracks will still be available until January.

“As of December 18, 2017, the ability to upload music will be removed from the Amazon Music for PC/Mac app. Music that is already uploaded can be played and downloaded until January 2019. See Downloading Your Music for more information on how to download.” According to an Amazon spokesperson, this only affects music imported by users from other sources, and that music purchased from Amazon will remain in the cloud.

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