Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to tell which pages or people you follow on Facebook are who they say they are. Sometimes fan accounts have been designed to look like the official page of your favorite celebrity, which is why sometimes you might end up following “fake” accounts unknowingly.

Now you might recall that last month, Facebook announced that they would be letting users know if the accounts they follow are fake accounts setup by Kremlin-back group “Internet Research Agency”, and now it looks like the tool is live for users who want to double check if they might have accidentally followed such accounts.

That being said, its usefulness might be a bit limited. It has been pointed out that this tool only works if you have liked or followed pages on Facebook or Instagram directly. This means that any propaganda that is posted onto your News Feed doesn’t count, although to be fair Facebook has another tool that identifies fake news on your News Feed.

The propaganda spread by the Internet Research Agency is said to have a wider reach than previously thought, where it might have reached as many as 126 million users, despite the initial claims that it had only reached 10 million users.

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