If you’ve ever used a camera before, you know that when you press the shutter there will be a small “blackout” in the display/EVF. This is pretty standard for most cameras, especially so when you’re shooting continuous images. However the blackout can get in the way especially if you’re trying to track the subject and the delay between blackouts is long.


However according to a report from Fuji Rumors, they have heard from a “trusted source” that for the rumored Fujifilm X-H1, the blackouts will be extremely short to the point where they’re practically non-existent and possibly close to the Sony A9 territory, which as you can see in the video below allows photographers to shoot continuously with no visible blackouts in between shots.

No doubt that the reduced blackout time will make the camera more appealing to users who might have the need for fast continuous shooting. The alleged specs of the X-H1 were revealed several days ago where it seems that this is a camera that is being aimed more towards videographers, thanks to features like 4K video capture at 30fps and 120fps for HD videos.

We’re also looking at in-body image stabilization which means less dependency on having a lens with image stabilization, a deeper hand grip, and so on. Fuji Rumors is also claiming that the X-H1 is expected to pack the same X-sensor used in cameras like the X-T2.

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