We already knew that the iMac Pro would not come cheap. When Apple finally announced the computer’s availability, it was also revealed that its starting price was at $4,999, which puts it well beyond the reach of the average computer user. Then again it does pack some impressive hardware and a custom T2 chip for enhanced security.

However what if you wanted all the bells and whistles? How much would would such a setup cost you? If you were to head on over to Apple’s website and configure the computer to its max hardware settings and include all the hardware and software, it will set you back an eye-watering $14,000, or to be more specific, $13,926.98.

No doubt this is an insane amount of money to pay for a single computer, although it does seem to be cheaper than previous estimates which predicted a price tag of $17,000. If you’re also thinking that this might be the most expensive Mac computer ever, think again because according to a 2013 report from Business Insider, a fully decked out Mac Pro would have cost customers a little over $20,000.

We’re not sure who would need such a high-end setup, but for those who do, the iMac Pro is currently available for purchase and is expected to be shipped out by the 27th of December.

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