Trying to make a good impression with your partner’s parents can be tricky, and it is doubly important if your partner is someone you plan on being with for the long haul or marrying. However it seems that over in Japan, a rather interesting situation has happened, according to a series of tweets by @buppa_stone (via Siliconera).


According to the tweets, buppa_stone’s daughter’s boyfriend came over to their house for dinner one evening, and apparently both parties discovered their love for Guilty Gear, in which apparently the boyfriend then challenged the dad to a game. His tweet reads, “This kid seems to be challenging me to Guilty Gear, and I will punish him for it. I’m hiding in the toilet at the moment, but I am going to take him on. Also, he proves the theory that Slayer users are brats, I won’t forgive him.”

It turns out that buppa_stone is a real pro at Guilty Gear and ultimately beat his daughter’s boyfriend 10-6. “I’ve been playing since the first game, so I’m not losing to some middle schooler. (lol) I won, so he can’t be my girl’s boyfriend.” Unfortunately it seems that only he was the only one to be happy about his victory, as the rest of his family wasn’t so amused, where he was apparently kicked out of the house and left to find his own dinner.

Now we can’t be sure how authentic this story is or how accurate it is since it has been translated from Japanese to English, but it is still rather amusing anyway. Given that we’re seeing more gamers in this generation, we wouldn’t be surprised if more parents started challenging their children’s partners or even the kids themselves to video game matches in the future.

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