One would have never expected to see Google’s Chrome browser listed in the Windows Store but the popular browser has now been published in the store. However, it’s not an app like many would have been expecting. The listing is just a download link for the Chrome browser. It opens up the Chrome download page so the method of getting Chrome on your Windows 10 PC remains essentially the same as before.


Some Microsoft rivals have made plans to list their apps on the Windows Store. Apple previously confirmed that iTunes will be available for download via the Windows Store. The company has delayed the app’s release but it will eventually be available from the store next year.

Google has gone in a slightly different direction. It has packaged a download link for Chrome and listed it on the Windows Store. The listing opens the Chrome download page. Downloading it opens up the link in the default Windows 10 browser.

This just goes to show that Google isn’t planning on properly distributing its web browser through the Windows Store. A download link for the browser is the extent it’s apparently willing to go in order to put its browser on the Windows Store. That’s about as effective as actually performing an online search for the Chrome browser, since the outcome is the same.

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