At the moment Google’s video-calling app Duo is pretty much limited to mobile phones, which means that if you wanted to use it on a tablet, it’s not possible, at least not in an official capacity. However it seems that Google could be working on a way to bring Duo onto tablets, according to a recent tweet by one of the app’s developers.

According to Justin Uberti who is the lead engineer of Duo, he responded to a tweet by a user asking to bring tablet support to Duo, in which he responded by saying, “Stay tuned”. It’s not a confirmation but at the same time it isn’t a denial, and we suppose the idea of Duo coming to tablets isn’t exactly far-fetched.

At the moment Duo works by associating it with a phone number, but given that apps like Skype, Hangouts, and FaceTime can work across multiple devices, seeing Duo do the same shouldn’t be too hard, we imagine. Expanding Duo to tablets could also help to increase its adoption, where users who are looking for video calling capabilities on their tablets will now have an alternative, especially when you consider that Duo has been pretty well-received due to its responsiveness and user-friendliness.

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