If there is one drawback to using Bluetooth speakers or headphones is that when it comes to watching videos, you might notice some latency issues, where the audio might come later than the video, resulting in a video where you see the character’s lips/mouth move, but the audio comes in a few milliseconds later.

However it seems that the Google Home Max is having the opposite effect, where plugging in directly to the speakers actually results in latency problems. This was initially reported by Variety where it they discovered that plugging in a device like a set of turntables or another source of music through the aux input on the Home Max results in a slight delay when audio is played.

The delay isn’t too big and is roughly a few milliseconds, which is completely fine if all you want to do is listen to music. However as Variety points out, this can be a problem if you want to use it for mixing songs and juggling beats as a DJ, where you need to get the timing right and having it delayed even by a few milliseconds can throw you off.

In a statement provided by a Google spokesperson, they are aware of the issue but it doesn’t seem like there are plans to address it. “We’re aware of a slight delay with aux-in. The delay is in regards to how long it takes for the music to start playing, and does not affect synchronization of sound across home devices – which is near perfect for most setups.”

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