When it comes to protecting their intellectual property, Nintendo can be rather particular about that, such as creating programs that YouTubers need to be part of in order to post videos on Nintendo games. The company also for the longest time ever avoided releasing games on mobile, instead encouraging gamers to buy their hardware instead.


However Nintendo seems to be having a change of heart, at least over in China where it seems that together with a partnership with NVIDIA and Chinese company iQiyi, they will be bringing games from the GameCube and the Wii onto devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD. This was revealed in a series of videos on Twitter by user Daniel Ahmad that were apparently taken from a presentation in China.

It shows games like Twilight Princess running on the SHIELD, as well as New Super Mario Bros for the Wii that appears to run at 1080p Full HD. It is also said that Metroid Prime from the Wii will also be arriving on the system at a later date. It is an interesting choice but it’s good to see Nintendo start to offer up their IPs via non-Nintendo platforms.

However whether or not this arrive in the US or other parts of the world remains to be seen, but we have a feeling it could be a China-exclusive partnership for now, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.


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