We know that sinking feeling you get when you realize that your gadget that costs hundreds of dollars has gone missing. It is a terrible feeling, and one that a man by the name of Juan experienced while in the airport at Frankfurt, Germany. However this story has a happy ending, thanks to the Reddit community.

Juan was playing his Switch at the airport and while on the bus ride to his gate, his Switch had fallen out of his bag and landed between some seats. Upon discovering it had gone missing, he filed a lost-and-found report with the airport, and upon landing at his destination of Madrid, he decided to try the Nintendo Switch Reddit community where he wrote, “I lost my Switch at Frankfurt International Airport. Please if you’re the driver of the bus, I’d be eternally grateful and bring you chocolates. I know this has 0,000001% possibility to work.”

However it seems that it was Juan’s lucky day as the 0.00001% probability did indeed happen. Redditor XxPyRoxXMaNiAcxX responded to the post with a link to another post on the Switch thread, where Redditor Itchybun posted about finding a lost Switch and was finding a way to reunite it with its owner.

Long story short, after verifying that Juan was indeed the owner of the Switch through a series of questions that only Juan would know, such as the Joy-Con’s colors, known WiFi networks, friends, and so on, they agreed to meet up in the new year where Itchybun would return the console to him.

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