Twitter announced a new set of anti-abuse rules last month and said that the changes will be enforced starting December 18th. The company has now started enforcing its new anti-abuse policies which cover conduct both on and off the platform. The new policies also cover hateful conduct, violence, and physical harm.


Twitter’s abuse problem is no secret. The company has been working hard over the past couple of years to get a handle on things but it has taken a lot of flak for the arbitrary way in which the old policies were enforced.

The company later promised that it would do better and develop new policies that prevent the spread of hateful conduct and abuse on its platform.

The microblogging service will now require users to remove tweets that glorify violence or the perpetrators of a violent act. Repeat offenders will see their accounts being permanently banned if they don’t pay attention to Twitter’s warnings.

The new policies also apply to accounts that affiliate themselves with organizations that use or promote violence against civilians for the advancement of their ideologies.

Accounts with profile information that includes racist or sexist tropes as well as violent threats will be suspended permanently. Hateful imagery like symbols and logos that promote hostility on the bases of sex, religion, race, disability, etc will now be classified as “sensitive media.” If these images appear in an account’s header or profile images, the account owner will be asked to remove them.

All of the changes that Twitter has made to its policies are described in detail on Twitter’s website.

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