Shopping for clothes online can be difficult if you worry too much about how the item is going to look on you and whether it’s even going to fit your frame. At times like these, you just want there to be a way that you can try the item without having to order it first and then go through the hassle of returning it if you don’t like it. Amazon might have a solution at some point down the road. The company has patented a mirror that can dress users in virtual clothes.

The mirror lets users try on clothes virtually by placing them in a virtual location. It’s a partially reflection and partially transmissive mirror which uses a combination of cameras, displays, and projects to create the blended image.

It generates a virtual model by scanning the environment and identifies the user’s face and eyes to ascertain which objects are to be seen as a reflection.

After it completes this step, the mirror transmits a virtual scene and the clothes through the mirror to achieve the intended blended-reality result. This lets the user see how an item is going to look on them right away.

It’s possible that this patent might result in a product that’s an advanced version of the Echo Look. Amazon launched this hands-free video camera last year. It takes floor-length photos of the user and then provides fashion recommendations and style advice.

Nevertheless, the blended reality mirror remains a patent for now and it’s unclear if and when Amazon is ever going to make a product based on it.

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