In this day and age, it’s increasingly common to see children walking around with smartphones, seeing toddlers entertained with tablets, and so on. Back in the day, mobile phones were pretty much limited to adults and business professionals, which goes to show how far along we’ve come as a society.


However there are some downsides to technology, such as being too dependent on it. In fact it seems that some of Apple’s investors are starting to express some concern about how iPhone addiction in children could be a serious problem. In an open letter by activist investor Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, they have pushed for Apple to create ways to restrict mobile phone access for kids.

The letter reads in part, “More than 10 years after the iPhone’s release, it is a cliché to point out the ubiquity of Apple’s devices among children and teenagers, as well as the attendant growth in social media use by this group. What is less well known is that there is a growing body of evidence that, for at least some of the most frequent young users, this may be having unintentional negative consequences.”

It points to various examples and studies of smartphone addiction and are urging Apple to look into it, with one of the ways being to improve on parental controls.

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