Netflix’s first major blockbuster may not have received rave reviews from the critics but this fantasy/buddy cop genre title starring Will Smith has been well received by fans. The company earmarked a budget of $90 million for this project and it’s now setting aside more money for a sequel. Netflix has confirmed that it’s going to make a Bright movie sequel.


Critics may not have liked the money too much but the fans did. According to reports, more than 11 million people watched Bright on the first three days after it was made available on Netflix.

Many critics had an issue with the narrative approach of the movie but fans don’t seem to have cared about that too much. The sequel is likely going to pick up where the first movie has left off. Both lead stars – Will Smith and Joel Edgerton – are reportedly going to return and so will the director David Ayers.

No further information is available about the sequel at this point in time. It’s unclear when filming is going to begin and what the plot is going to be. This does show that Netflix is serious about branching into the blockbuster territory and that it’s not going to shy away from putting its money where its mouth is.

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