[CES 2018] Euveka, a startup based in France, has developed a robotic alternative to the wooden mannequins that are still being used in couture ateliers across the globe. The company is aiming to disrupt the apparel market with its robotic mannequin that uses production-monitoring software to address sizing and sampling needs.

The female mannequin by Euveka is made using silicon and textile fabrics. The company employed robotic technologies based on morphology and biomimicry to create this mannequin. It can scan a person and enter all the parameters into the system.

The mannequin can then adapt to a wide range of sizes from UK size 8 to 18. It can morph into the desired shape in under two minutes, making it possible to create a tailored garment prototype in the exact size of the client or of the target market’s morphology.

Euveka makes it easier for garment manufacturers to tweak a size in relation to a specific fabric or certain body time. It does that by discovering any defects in fabric pressure or solvent toxicity by using its integrated sensors.

The company has showcased its invention at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas. It’s also testing it with a major French label and has been taking orders from garment manufacturers for this product.

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