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Ubergizmo’s TOP 3 MIK Products @ CES 2018
At CES 2018, Ubergizmo was a media partner of Aving’s Made In Korea (MIK) tech program that includes many startups from Korea. We had time to look at ~10 companies and products, and we picked three that we thought were the most interesting for an American and International audience. Here they are, sorted by alphabetical order:

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2018Editor's Pick
With CES 2018 well behind us, we’ll gather our favorite CES products here. It’s impossible to see “everything,” but we focused on our core coverage by mixing real products and innovative technologies that may become tomorrow’s hits. Here’s the list, in no particular order:

3dRudder Blackhawk Is A Foot Controller Designed For Virtual Reality
[CES 2018] Back in 2014, we learnt about a new input device designed for virtual reality (VR) called the 3dRudder. For those unfamiliar, this is a device that allows users to control themselves within a VR world using their feet. This is versus the current method which uses our hands and handheld controllers.

Laundroid, The Futuristic Laundry-Folding Appliance
We have covered clothing folding robots such as FoldiMate (~$1000), but when it comes to folding, Laundroid by SevenDreamers is the most ambitious, and expensive, system. We first saw Laundroid as a technological demo in Japan during the CEATEC 2015 show. Since then the company has been gearing towards shipping its products and has started taking some pre-orders, although it will open the orders to the public in March 2018.


OrCam MyEye 2.0 Is A Device That Helps The Blind ‘See’
[CES 2018] In the past before technology arrived in its present form, helping the blind “see” was limited in terms of the options out there. This involved the use of Braille or audio cues which alerted the visually impaired to their surroundings and helped them make sense of the world. However technology has advanced far enough where there now exist gadgets that can help the blind “see” the world around […]

FoldiMate Folds Your Clothes
Folding clothes has been a house chore that has been left remarkably intact despite all the technological evolution and revolutions we had in the past 100 years. FoldiMate proposes a clothes folder which can fold select items perfectly within ~10 seconds. The company plans to sell it for less than $1000.

Shure Unveils $99 USB-C Headphone Replacement Cable
[CES 2018] With more handset OEMs starting to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, and how we’re also starting to see the same done to laptops (although not quite as prevalent yet), it isn’t surprising that we’re starting to see more headphone makers release wireless headsets to compensate for it.

Apple Reportedly Met Up With AR Component Suppliers At CES 2018
While one of the aspects of CES is for companies to announce new products, advancements in technology, prototypes, and so on, there is also a lot that goes behind the scenes, where companies might meet up with each other to discuss partnerships, show off unreleased products and the likes.

Anker’s Zolo Model Zero Smart Speaker With Google Assistant Announced
Anker might be a brand that some of you guys are more familiar with when it comes to charging related accessories or connectivity accessories, but the company also has its Zolo brand which creates audio products, such as speakers. At CES 2018, the company took the wraps off their latest speaker model, the Zolo Model Zero.

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Made A Secret Appearance At CES 2018
Whispers that Samsung could have a truly foldable phone in the works have been circulating for years, with every year a new report seemingly hinting that the device could be unveiled the next year. However it’s starting to feel like this year could be the year, because according to a report from Korean publication ET News, Samsung actually showed off the handset in secret at CES.

Waze In-Car Mapping Will Be Coming To Ford Cars With SYNC 3
[CES 2018] Depending on the carmaker and the infotainment unit you have chosen (or comes bundled) with your car, sometimes the mapping software on it might not necessarily be the most responsive, user-friendly, or updated, and sometimes using our phones with apps like Waze might actually be a better idea.

ASUS Vivo V272 All-In-One PC Launched
[CES 2018] ASUS may be best known for its laptops and other products but some of you will be well aware that the company has a track record of making some great all-in-one PCs as well. It’s no surprise that ASUS has launched a new AiO at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 called the Vivo V272. It should provide decent performance considering what it has got going on under the […]

ASUS Unveils The Light And Powerful ZenBook 13
[CES 2018] ASUS has unveiled a new ZenBook 13 (model number UX331UAL) at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas. It’s a light and powerful notebook that’s powered by Windows 10. ASUS says that customers who pick up this machine will get the ultimate in mobility given its “feather-light” all-metal chassis and a battery life of up to 15 hours. Sounds very impressive to say the least.

Libratone Unveils New Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones
[CES 2018] Noise-cancelling headphones are great when you’re traveling or if you just want to drown the outside world. However for the most part it is usually on or it is off, but if you wanted varying levels of control over how much noise-cancellation is being done, Libratone has you covered in the form of the Libratone Track+ wireless in-ear headphones.

DJI & Ryze Unveils The Tello, A $99 Drone
[CES 2018] Drones are aplenty but for the most part, a lot of them, especially the bigger and more complex ones, are pretty expensive which means that for the average consumer who just wants a drone to play with, it can be a pretty expensive hobby. However DJI and Ryze might have something that’s a little more affordable.

Vortx Will Blow Air In Your Face While You Game
[CES 2018] If you’ve ever been to one of those 4D cinemas, then you know that in addition to sight and sound, there are other effects to help make the experience more realistic, like wind being blown at you, water being sprayed in your direction, and more. At CES 2018 Whirlwind FX is hoping to bring a tiny bit of that experience onto the PC.

CabinR Is An Anti-Theft Bag With A Built-In Alarm
[CES 2018] When traveling to foreign countries that you aren’t familiar with, making sure that your bags are safe and secure are always a good idea lest someone steals it and its contents. There are several bags and backpacks around that offer up protection against theft, but if you wanted something a bit more obvious, CabinR might have the answer.

Klipsch Unveils New Wireless Speakers With Google Assistant
[CES 2018] Wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes, with some aiming to be small and portable, while others are meant to just sit in the living room. If you’re after the latter and are in the market for a set of powerful Bluetooth speakers, Klipsch might have the solution for you as the company has unveiled two new models at CES 2018.

Colgate’s Smart Electronic Toothbrush Has ResearchKit Integration
[CES 2018] These days our toothbrushes are no longer just bristles placed onto a plastic handle, and have become hi-tech devices that can tell where we’re brushing our teeth, for how long, and spots that we might have missed. If you’re looking to upgrade your toothbrush game, Colgate has you covered.

AEE SELFLY Is A Drone That Fits Into A Smartphone Case
[CES 2018] When you think of drones, you might think of huge devices that you’ll need a suitcase for. However we have seen drones that are small and portable, and at CES this week, AEE Aviation Technology has unveiled a new drone called the SELFLY which is a drone that’s small enough to fit inside of a smartphone case.